List Your Houseboats, Dutch Barges, Narrowboats and Residential/Leisure Moorings

26/09/2018 03:56 PM

Sell your houseboat, dutch barge, narrowboat, floating home and moorings!

It can be hard to find where to sell houseboats, dutch barges, narrowboats, waterside property and floating homes. These intersting homes are a great way to live on a river, canal or estruary. Residential and leisure moorings, even in central London can now be obtained at very good prices (In London even next to Canary Wharf, they are available for approximately £500+ per month).

You can list your houseboat, dutch barge, floating home, narrowboat or residential/leisure mooring for sale on or search for a converted houseboat or unconverted barge to buy. Unconverted boats, butties and barges are obviously far cheaper and allow you to put your own mark on - however, they can be a lot of work!

houseboat, house boat, dutch barges, narrowboats and boat conversions for sale

List Barn Conversions For Sale - School, Pub/Public House and Railway Conversions

26/09/2018 03:54 PM

List Your Barn conversions for sale!

Conversions for sale including barns, derelict barns, barn, school, railway carriage, station, double decker bus, pub/public house conversions..

Barns, barn conversions, derelict barns, schools/pubs and railway conversions - List your barn conversiion for sale. There are many other different original buildings that can be converted including old bakery buildings, quaint shops, water towers/industrial and public houses.

There are plenty of things to look out for when buying an original building for a conversion project. Make sure your mortgage will allow you to buy the property, get planning permission/submit plans, work out a budget and hire recommended tradespeople.

Barns for sale, barn conversions for sale

List Your Thatched Cottages and Period Property For Sale

26/09/2018 03:49 PM

Period Property - Thatched Cottages For Sale!

Property Listings For Country Cottages, Jacobean, Tudor Mansions and Manors, Fine Victorian and Edwardian Houses.

List your period homes and property for sale

Period homes, cottages and historic property often have great character and usually a good story to tell, they also make really unique and unusual homes. You can sell your period cottages, thatched cottages, cob cottages, jacobean and tudor mansions and manors, fine victorian properties and edwardian homes, period property for sale or search for one of these stunning properties to buy. There are some great deals on smaller cottages and also some exclusive purchases to be had on slightly more grand offerings!

Cottages for sale - Jacobean and Tudor, fine Victorian and Edwardian houses

List Property For Sale Needing Modernisation/Renovation

26/09/2018 03:47 PM

List property for sale that needs modernising, renovation or refurbishment!

List your property renovation now

Unusual homes and property that needs refurbishing/modernising or renovating are great for homebuyers on a tight budget. If you plan your development well, you could save or make thousands of pounds and get a great, freshly modernised property in the process. There are plenty of things to look out for when buying a house in need of renovation or refurbishment. Make sure your mortgage will allow you to buy the house, get a full survey completed and make sure you are insured for an empty home whilst you do the work.

Renovation Properties can be great investments for Buy To Let (BTL) - Don't Forget:
Landlord Insurance - Essential If you are renting out a property

Property Renovation/in need of modernisation

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