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Churches For Sale! Church conversions and unconverted churches & chapels for sale!

Where to sell your church? of course! Churches are great for converting to a really unique and unusual property. You can list your church for sale or search for a converted church or chapel to buy. Unconverted churches are obviously far cheaper, but do allow you to put your own mark on - however, they can be a lot work, complex to complete and very expensive!

Converted churches for sale and church/chapels for sale

What to look out for when buying a church or church conversion:

  • Planning permission: Does the church you want to buy have planning permission to be converted into a dwelling?

  • Churchyard Problems: Churchyards are usually public, if you buy a church, do you still have to allow public access to the graveyard and if so, how close is it be to your future home?

  • Grade 1/2 listed: Many churches are protected by Grade 1/2 listing restrictions, this could mean very costly and restrictive renovations that must be sympathetic to the rest of the structure. Is the church you are about to buy Grade 1 or 2 listed?
  • Damp: Damp problems can be more complex when it comes to renovating a church. Make sure you get a specialist damp survey completed as the remedy could be far more expensive than standard solutions.
  • Local Area: Not everyone approves of their local church or chapel being converted into a residential dwellingand can prove unpopular. Make sure you experience the area first before expecting to 'settle in' with the new neighbours..

What to include when selling your church:

  • Condition: Make sure you give a good description of the condition so buyers are aware of work that needs doing.

  • Potential: Highlight the potential for the church, include plans if you have planning permission to give the potential buyer an idea of what it could be like.

  • History & Architecture: Many churches and chapels have interesting architecture and colourful histories. Research this and add it into the description to create an engaging and informative advert to attract more potential buyers.

  • Photos: Add as many photos of your church as you can to provide as much insight into the property as possible. Include photos of refurbishment or restoration and highlight any unique design features.

To sell your church and get your church conversion for sale CLICK HERE TO LIST YOUR CONVERTED CHURCH OR UNCONVERTED CHAPEL FOR SALE


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