Unusual Events At A Unique Property..

06/09/2019 12:27 AM

The UK is full of weird and wonderful properties both residential dwellings and commercial premises. From Windmill HQ's to converted barns for offices, the creativity of the business world never ceases to amaze. The agricultural space has always been diverse with some incredible architecture ranging from Welsh Longhouses (dwelling and cowhouse in one construction) to Scottish Crofts (often a dwelling for the tenant of arable land). 

Nestled in the heart of some stunning countryside in the Warwickshire, is just one of those places. Mythe Barn is a converted barn on Mythe Farm, a once working farm covering approximately 150 acres. It has been beautifully refurbished with the help of a European grant to now provide an ideal place for weddings, functions, product launches and corporate events.

team building events in surrounding land

'Mythe' is old english and means the joining of two rivers. This establishment lies at the junction of the pretty River Sence and the River Anker, justifying it's name by this lesser known area of idyllic english countryside.

Mythe Barn is an unusual building with an incredible combination and fusion of old and new, retaining many traditional features. Built in the 18th century with huge oak beams running across the ceilings, it is an excellent example of a (now) carefully renovated contemporary barn. The architecturally designed full-fascia window segment compliment the wood cladding and red brick exterior, which draws in natural light even on the dullest of days.

barn interior

The barn also has an interesting history and kept a roof over the head of Richard The Third according to this Wikipedia article

'According to some historians including Michael K Jones who wrote the book "Psychology of a Battle - Bosworth 1485" The Battle of Bosworth actually took place around Atherstone with Henry Tudor camping at Merevale Hall and Richard III camping at "The Mythe" where a farm is now situated'

The renovations were funded with DEFRA and EU grants through the European Development Fund (EDF) to help encourage agricultural diversification. Rated by BREEAM Standards as 'Good', the barn has been converted to very high standards and retains the stunning original features, while providing modern amenities and a fantastic space for functions and events. A truly exceptional property renovation of what could have remained as a disused farm building.

barn renovations

In addition, Mythe farm (the surrounding 150 acres around the barn) now provides some unusual team building events in it's vast grounds. Try your hand at some duck herding or maybe get creative with some ice crafting? Being so close to two small rivers allows the team to put on traditional events like raft building, archery and even axe-throwing!

archery team buidling activity

Using the barn for corporate functions, product launches and weddings made the entrance into the team building world a natural progression. This was also the obvious choice given the land around the barn and the complimentary element of team building as a complete package for both local and national companies. Feedback has been impressive and the team are looking forward to expanding the business further.

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