List Your Plots of Land For Sale (Self-Build Plots, OPP/DPP Building Land) For Sale

26/09/2018 03:58 PM
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Sell building plots and self-build plots of land with planning permission

List your investment land, arable land, commercial land, land for equestrian use, forests, river rights, fishing rights, fishing lakes and farmland.

Building land & self-build plots with planning permission, forests, farm and arable land - along with disused brownfield commercial land make superb potential development areas for unusual residential dwellings - either self-build projects or commercial opportunities.

There are many different types of land available that can be built on or converted including:

  • Old parking lots/car parks and other wasteland
  • Garden plots can often be used to build new self-build projects (Subject To Planning)
  • Agricultural land or commercial land can be applied for change of use  and expired building plots
  • Hope/Investment land often is very unlikely to ever get planning permission

There are plenty of things to look out for when buying land for residential development. Firstly make sure you have the funds available, a self-build mortgage or development loan. Make sure you have obtained planning permission/submitted plans, work out a budget and hire recommended tradespeople/project management.

Plots of land for sale and self build/building plots

What to look out for when buying a Self Build Plots Of Land With Planning Permission...(click here and add your plot)

  • Planning Permission: Make sure you obtain planning permission! Detailed planning permission will usually come with an architectural plan, where as outline planning permission may not - but could allow more flexibility. You may need to hire an architect to draw up plans and submit them to your local planning office for approval. Check whether there is outline or detailed planning permission and also check whether permission has been turned down before. Remember 'investment, agricultural, green belt or hope land' are highly unlikely to have planning permission and may be very difficult and costly to obtain - seek professional advice before buying. Click Here To Visit The Government's Planning Advice Website

  • Suitability: Is the plot of land you are about to buy suitable for what you intend on using it for? If self-building - is there mains electricity, gas and water available to connect to nearby? Is there good access? Is it close to a potential future housing estate earmarked by the local council? Is there good drainage? Look at the location and check out all these variables to ensure your purchase will be a good one. If you are buying for agricultural rental have you checked the competition in the area? How much rent do you need to make a good return? Is permission required to rent out for the activities you intend? Do you need to erect any buildings or remove current unsafe ones prior to proceeding?

  • Around The Local Area: Often, land not originally intended for use as a self-build plot of land or a building plot may be unsuitable in other ways and this is often reflected in price. It is worth checking what these are such as a brownfield commercial site with residential planning permission could be great for a development, but next to industrial units working 24 hours with heavy equipment. A stunning plot of potential residential land may have water/gas/electricity on site, but right next to a motorway or busy road.

What to include when selling land, building plots, forests, lakes and rivers:

  • Features: Make sure you give a good description of the amenities so buyers are aware to save endless wasted enquiries. It is important to list as much as you know about the land.
    If it is a river or a lake -
    • Is there fishing rights?
    • Is the permission granted for boating or related activities?
    • How large is the lake/long is the river/frontage or large is the entire plot?

    If land or building plots (or self build plots of land)
    • Is there countryside views?
    • Is it close to a town/beach/river?
    • Is there mature trees and shrubs surrounding it?
    • Is there a stream or a lake?

  • Potential: Highlight the potential for the proposed development, include plans if you have detailed planning permission or outline planning permission to give the potential buyer an idea of what potential the land or plot has. Include information like the size of the plot, local area, square footage, mains/electricity/gas available etc), condition, any buildings and the footing.

  • Photos: Add as many photos and plans (building plans with dates) as you can to provide as much insight into the property as possible.

To list your building plot, self-build land for sale, investment or hope land, forests, rivers, lakes, arable land, brownfield sites, commercial, residential or farm land add it to our specific 'Land & Plots' section LIST YOUR LAND FOR SALE