Maximising Light In Your Property Renovation

01/03/2021 01:37 PM

Maximising Light In Your Property Renovation

So, you've bought a renovation (or let's be honest - a wreck!) and you have grand ideas of how to turn this beautiful pile of rubble into the property of your dreams. Some building work, perhaps roof repairs, DPM improvements, maybe underpinning (for particularly badly damaged properties) and then of course the myriad of interior updates and remodelling to perform - but what about light design? We're not talking lightbulbs and lampshades, but more about the amount of actual light let into the property. It's simple to replace windows with like for like or reclaimed products for period property, but what about additional windows:

  • How many?
  • How big?
  • Where to put them?
  • What types?

Read on to discover more about how to let more light into your property renovation:


Often, during a property renovation, many people decide to extend, especially if there is a sizeable amount of land. This allows the living space to be maximised and can add considerable value to the property. The choice of how to add light into the house then becomes centre stage. One option to increase the amount of light in a property extension and add that wow-factor is rooflights. We spoke to Gavin Helgeson at Duplus, who specialise in manufacturing bespoke rooflights and roof lanterns for a variety of projects:

'Rooflights can increase the amount of light entering the room - that's for sure. The hidden areas to investigate are more in relation to heat retention and thermal insulation. On a hot day, you don't want to be sweltering and if the rooflight is on a south-facing roof, this can be an issue, especially in sunny climates. One way to combat this is to use rooflights with solar protection film added to reduce the impact of the sun, whilst still letting copious amounts of light into the room.'

Pitched Roofs

Rooflights are often suitable for pitched roofs made from stone, slate and tile. The usual range of pitch that is suitable for a rooflight is up to 70 degrees, which is often more than enough for most roofs. Because rooflights can be custom made (albeit at a premium), a vast amount of light can enter the interior of the room and really brighten up what could otherwise be a rather dreary environment. Pitched rooflights have the benefit of water/dirt run-off happening naturally by gravity, as opposed to flat rooflights that need to be cleaned, unless a self-cleaning coating is added which can help to promote run-off.


You might think that having an enormous window bolted onto your roof would be an easy invite to burglars, but think again! Ensure you check that the rooflight is security assured, such as the 'Secured by Design' accreditation meaning that the rooflight has passed the necessary checks to be in line with British security standards and building regulations. This covers rooflights that open and rooflights without any openings.

Flat Roofs

In architecturally designed renovation projects, where substantial remodelling is implemented, flat roof styling can come into play and also double up as an extension of the new home. This might be a balcony for instance, where the roof becomes a dual-purpose section of the house, acting not only as a roof for the room below, but also a useable area for leisure above. For this style of roof design, walk-on rooflights are ideal as they can be manufactured to withstand the weight of people walking across them. This really solves the issue, by allowing more light into the room below and whilst ensuring the balcony can be used without the need to 'tip toe' around your newly installed rooflights.

So there you have it, the benefits of installing rooflights to expand light within property renovations and some areas to investigate and think about when deciding what type of rooflight to use and on which style of roof. Don't forget to check back on more advice guides for your property renovation or if you have just had enough and are ready to sell(!), add your listing to our Property Renovations For Sale section.