List Your Houseboats, Dutch Barges, Narrowboats and Residential/Leisure Moorings

26/09/2018 03:56 PM
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Sell your houseboat, dutch barge, narrowboat, floating home and moorings!

It can be hard to find where to sell houseboats, dutch barges, narrowboats, waterside property and floating homes. These intersting homes are a great way to live on a river, canal or estruary. Residential and leisure moorings, even in central London can now be obtained at very good prices (In London even next to Canary Wharf, they are available for approximately £500+ per month).

You can list your houseboat, dutch barge, floating home, narrowboat or residential/leisure mooring for sale on or search for a converted houseboat or unconverted barge to buy. Unconverted boats, butties and barges are obviously far cheaper and allow you to put your own mark on - however, they can be a lot of work!

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What to look out for when buyinghouseboat, dutch barge, narrowboat, floating homes or mooring:

  • Condition: Is the houseboat you want to buy in good condition inside and out? Is there a survey available? Make sure you can quantify the amount of work that needs doing before you buy your new floating home.

  • Layout: Boats come in a variety of layouts, some practical and make good use of space, others not so. Is the boat you are looking for good for space, light and practicality? It can be time consuming to alter layouts dramtically.Make sure it will accommodate your needs.

  • Mooring: Does the narrowboat come with a mooring? Is it residential mooring or leisure only? Bear in mind that leisure moorings do not usually allow you to stay for more than a few days per week. Will your dutch barge be on a mooring in a secure environment? If your floating home is on a residential mooring, is it located next to relevant amenities? What does the mooring include? Can you transfer the mooring and can you put a different houseboat on your new mooring? There are often restrictions on the type of boat allowed on moorings, especially in central London -some have to be tradition narrowboats to keep in with the surroundings.

What to include when selling a houseboat, dutch barge, narrowboat, floating home or residential/leisure mooring:

  • Condition: Make sure you give a good description of the condition so buyers are aware. Include details such as when it was last anti-fouled or if it needs anti-fouling. Include information about the hull, engine and interior.

  • Potential: If the houseboat needs work doing to it, highlight the potential for the boat, if it just needs tlc or it requires more than DIY work. state that this is reflected in the price.

  • Detail: If you are selling a residential/leisure mooring or a narrowboat with mooring, make sure you list details such as location, type of mooring, nearest tube/train/motorway and the various local amenities. Include information such as the charges/fees per month, what is included and details of the transfer rights/type of boat that is acceptable and boat transfer information.

  • Photos: Add as many photos as you can to provide as much insight into the houseboat or mooring as possible

To list your houseboat, dutch barge, narrowboat, floating home or residential/leisure mooring for sale now CLICK HERE TO LIST HOUSEBOATS OR FLOATING HOMES