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Maximising Light In Your Property Renovation

01/03/2021 01:37 PM

Maximising Light In Your Property Renovation

So, you've bought a renovation (or let's be honest - a wreck!) and you have grand ideas of how to turn this beautiful pile of rubble into the property of your dreams. Some building work, perhaps roof repairs, DPM improvements, maybe underpinning (for particularly badly damaged properties) and then of course the myriad of interior updates and remodelling to perform - but what about light design? We're not talking lightbulbs and lampshades, but more about the amount of actual light let into the property. It's simple to replace windows with like for like or reclaimed products for period property, but what about additional windows:

  • How many?
  • How big?
  • Where to put them?
  • What types?

Read on to discover more about how to let more light into your property renovation:


Often, during a property renovation, many people decide to extend, especially if there is a sizeable amount of land. This allows the living space to be maximised and can add considerable value to the property. The choice of how to add light into the house then becomes centre stage. One option to increase the amount of light in a property extension and add that wow-factor is rooflights. We spoke to Gavin Helgeson at Duplus, who specialise in manufacturing bespoke rooflights and roof lanterns for a variety of projects:

Unusual Events At A Unique Property..

06/09/2019 12:27 AM

The UK is full of weird and wonderful properties both residential dwellings and commercial premises. From Windmill HQ's to converted barns for offices, the creativity of the business world never ceases to amaze. The agricultural space has always been diverse with some incredible architecture ranging from Welsh Longhouses (dwelling and cowhouse in one construction) to Scottish Crofts (often a dwelling for the tenant of arable land). 

Nestled in the heart of some stunning countryside in the Warwickshire, is just one of those places. Mythe Barn is a converted barn on Mythe Farm, a once working farm covering approximately 150 acres. It has been beautifully refurbished with the help of a European grant to now provide an ideal place for weddings, functions, product launches and corporate events.

team building events in surrounding land

List Property For Sale Needing Modernisation/Renovation

26/09/2018 03:47 PM

List property for sale that needs modernising, renovation or refurbishment!

List your property renovation now

Unusual homes and property that needs refurbishing/modernising or renovating are great for homebuyers on a tight budget. If you plan your development well, you could save or make thousands of pounds and get a great, freshly modernised property in the process. There are plenty of things to look out for when buying a house in need of renovation or refurbishment. Make sure your mortgage will allow you to buy the house, get a full survey completed and make sure you are insured for an empty home whilst you do the work.

Renovation Properties can be great investments for Buy To Let (BTL) - Don't Forget:
Landlord Insurance - Essential If you are renting out a property

Property Renovation/in need of modernisation

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