List Barn Conversions For Sale - School, Pub/Public House and Railway Conversions

26/09/2018 03:54 PM
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List Your Barn conversions for sale!

Conversions for sale including barns, derelict barns, barn, school, railway carriage, station, double decker bus, pub/public house conversions..

Barns, barn conversions, derelict barns, schools/pubs and railway conversions - List your barn conversiion for sale. There are many other different original buildings that can be converted including old bakery buildings, quaint shops, water towers/industrial and public houses.

There are plenty of things to look out for when buying an original building for a conversion project. Make sure your mortgage will allow you to buy the property, get planning permission/submit plans, work out a budget and hire recommended tradespeople.

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What to look out for when buying a barn conversion for sale

  • Building Regulations: When you do certain DIY jobs on a property (barn conversions or otherwise), often major alterations such as moving a bathroom from the bottom floor to the top floor, will require building regulations approval, check it out before you do it Click Here To Visit The Government's Planning Advice Website

  • Planning Permission: Does the original barn you want to convert have planning permission to be renovated into your dream house? You may need to hire an architect to draw up plans and submit them to your local planning office for approval. Check whether there is outline planning permission already and also check whether permission has been turned down before.

  • Local Area: Often, property not originally intended for use as a dwelling has unusual or exclusive surroundings. It is worth checking what these are such as a nuclear bunker could be great for a conversion, but very isolated. A railway building to convert could be close to a live railway andbeprone to noise etc.

What to include when selling your barn conversion:

  • Condition: Make sure you give a good description of the condition of the barn or building so buyers are aware. It is important to list as much as you know about the property.

  • Potential: Highlight the potential for the barn conversion, include plans if you have planning permission or outline planning permission to give the potential buyer an idea of what it could be like. Include information like the square footage of the barn, details about the plot, local area, if mains/electricity is available, period of the property/building, unique features and overall size.

  • Photos: Add as many photos as you can to provide as much insight into the property as possible.

To list your barn conversion for sale or other conversions, add your property  to our specific 'Barns & Conversions' Section LIST YOUR BARN CONVERSION FOR SALE