8 Top Tips For Hiring A Removals Company For Unusual, Large Or Unique Homes

28/04/2020 11:07 PM
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unusual home removals

When moving to or from a unique, unusual or large property, it is important to work with the right team to ensure a smooth transition. There are many more areas to consider for non-standard homes and it certainly pays to have an experienced home removals team.

Windmills, towers, castles, chateaux, crofts, period and even large modern properties create many complex scenarios for moving your furniture and goods from your old property. Not just architecture but also location and access.

We spoke to Lee at Leicester Movers And Storers, who specialise in removals for larger and non-standard properties. Lee has provided 8 useful tips on what to look for when hiring a removal company for unique properties:

  1. Insurance - Always make sure the removals company you use have full insurance to cover any damage that may occur during your move. Unusual properties may make it more difficult to move larger and more awkward items due to no-standard architecture (such as towers, windmills, treehouses etc).
  2. Experience - If you have large and luxury items that need careful consideration, check with the removals firm to ensure they are experienced in this area. Moving pianos, grandfather clocks and other delicate furniture requires an expert team.
  3. Project Management - For larger moves, a dedicated project manager should be provided to carefully organise every aspect of your home removal service. This is especially important with unique and unusual properties, due to the added complexities of access and non-standard architecture.
  4. Packing/Unpacking Services - This is an important aspect of moving from/to unique properties. This is due to the space and access available. Modern homes have suitable access for typical furniture, but ancient croft houses, cob cottages and period properties can come with a myriad of problems if you are moving from a standard property. A lot of furniture may need to be dismantled, so it is important to ensure your removals team can provide an efficient packing and unpacking service.
  5. Flexibility - Flexible timing is another key feature of a high quality home removal company. There can often be delays especially with self-build, auction property or high value property chains. Make sure there is some flexibility for moving the date of your removal without incurring extra fees.
  6. Storage - Sometimes, things go wrong and midway through your move the chain falls apart, buyers/sellers pull out and you can be stuck in the middle. This is where storage services can be very helpful. Short term removal storage is an ideal stop-gap for when things go wrong. On the day of the move, instead of transporting your good to the new house, they are delivered to a secure warehouse (usually for a period of up to 3 months). Then when your new home is ready to move into, the goods are then transported and you can continue along with your move. This means you can sell your house and do not need to take your property off the market or break your chain.
  7. Resources - Big moves can take a lot of resources including staff, vans, packaging and time. Make sure the removals company have enough resources and capacity for your move and enough boxes for the big day.
  8. Rubbish & Recycling - Don’t forget the rubbish! There can be an enormous amount of rubbish and waste after a larger removal, due to the sheer quantity of packaging that needs to be used during the house move. This is magnified with larger homes. Make sure your removal company can remove rubbish and more importantly correctly recycle any wastage.

So there you have it, some useful advice on what to look for when you are seeking the help of a removals firm for your unique property move. These should come in handy whether it is your first time buying a non-standard home or you are moving from one unusual dwelling to another.

As with any big project, planning is key, so get started early. Another area to consider is self-packing or packing services. This can of course be a real time-saver and often be more efficiently conducted by skilled professionals, who have all the right containers for everything from mattresses to pot plants and sofas to literally the kitchen sink!