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We chose because of this and because we felt it was an ideal site for people looking for a different way to live.

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Unusual living - Houseboats and Liveaboards

More and more people are opting for a life on the water. Whether that is for the tranquility, economically feasible ways to live centrally or just obssessed with houseboats - Livingaboards are growing in popularity according to the Telegraph who reported in 2015 a 9pc increase.

Houseboats can be a very affordable way to live in the heart of a city within the most beautiful and exclusive areas. London is home to a plethora of waterways throughout Paddington and Little Venice, across to Angel, way out west to Kew and back in leafy Chelsea. 

Considering a houseboat can be picked up for less than £30,000 and moorings can often be found for around £500 a month, even in Canary Wharf - or even free if you move on every two weeks. There are certainly some very attractive merits to the humble liveaboard, especially for those looking to escape the ever-rising rents of the capital.

In addition to great value, life on a houseboat can be fantastic with buzzy riverside pubs, great sights and stunning greenery literally on your doorstep.

So what are the downsides? Depending on your type of mooring, it may be essential to keep moving on every two weeks. Prices for boats do not tend to appreciate like property and often attract annual maintenance fees. Additionally, mortagages are limited and rarely stretch beyond 50% LTV. It is also important to check that the mortgage will cover a houseboat with an engine.

Houseboats and liveaboards provide a great lifestyle choice, so check out our buying guide and you may find yourself on the water before you know it!

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