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"Premier Houseboats advertise on all the major boat sales sites together with a select few other sites that we feel will benefit our business.

We chose because of this and because we felt it was an ideal site for people looking for a different way to live.

The site provides such a wide range of unusual homes its a perfect match for our business."

- Premier Houseboats


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Buying Unique Property

Unique property comes in all shapes and sizes from converted fire stations to carefully restored period property. But where and how to sell these kind of homes? Many poeple struggle as the general market tends to be more interested in reading about and genuinely fascinated by unusual homes rather than commit to the actual purchase of one.

To try and demistify the process and confusion involved in purchasing a unique property or unusual home, consider the following facts or fiction:

  • You can't get a mortgage on an unusual property
    •  False - there are plenty of mortgage providers willing to lend on unique properties, check out
  • Unique homes are very hard to insure
    • False - unique properties can be insured through plenty of mainstream insurers, check out
  • You need a deposit to purchase an unusual home
    • True - These days no provider (that we know) will fund 100% of a mortgage for a non-standard property.However you may not need a huge deposit and may be able to get finance on up to 75% of the valuation (75% LTV)
  • You can make high profits on unique property

Keep checking for interesting properties and you might just find that gem,graba a mortgage and be on your way to creating that dream home!

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