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"Premier Houseboats advertise on all the major boat sales sites together with a select few other sites that we feel will benefit our business.

We chose because of this and because we felt it was an ideal site for people looking for a different way to live.

The site provides such a wide range of unusual homes its a perfect match for our business."

- Premier Houseboats


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Unique and Unusual Property... is a new resource for homebuyers looking to purchase more unique, luxury, varied, odd, strange, interesting and unique properties for sale!

From eco-homes for sale to properties in need of renovation; from period cottages that need modernising to castles/stately homes; aims to satisfy the needs of even the most extreme house hunter.

As architects and property designers get even more ambitious, we are starting to see many more original homes coming onto the market. Eco homes are becoming more popular as power becomes more expensive and we are more concerned about the environment. These properties make the most of the environment with lots of light, waste recycling plants, rain water conversion systems and ground heat processing. These uniquely styled homes also come with extensive use of cedar, maple and other durable, eco-friendly materials.

We of course cater for property developers, DIYers and self-builders. We have extensive listings of period properties in need of renovation/modernisation in many areas of the UK and abroad.

Plenty of visitors to are here to buy and sell conversions such as windmills, churches, chapels, pubs, schools, boats and many more. Converions allow the developer to retain extraordinary features or character. This bring an exclusive feel to a property making it an interesting and engaging place to live.

Other properties include stately homes, manors, mansions, castles and other larger, grand estates. These magnificient properties have obvious appeal and often come with large areas of land and features such as lakes, swimming pools and leisure facilities.

Period property ranging from Tudor cottages to Jacobean manor houses regularly features in our listings, along with other unique homes. For country bumpkin, you will find listings of farms, cob cottages, riverside homes and country residences for that ultimate escape.

There is no charge to view properties on and membership is FREE for buyers. By being a member, you will have access to more information and property resources, so why not join today CLICK HERE TO JOIN UNUSUALHOMES.CO.UK

For any further information on any aspect of the site just email:


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