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"Premier Houseboats advertise on all the major boat sales sites together with a select few other sites that we feel will benefit our business.

We chose because of this and because we felt it was an ideal site for people looking for a different way to live.

The site provides such a wide range of unusual homes its a perfect match for our business."

- Premier Houseboats


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NEW! Eco-homes and eco-lodges for sale!

Eco Homes & Eco Lodges make great unique and unusual property. You can list your eco-home for sale or search for a eco lodge to buy. Smaller eco-lodges are obviously far cheaper, but some are restricted to holiday usage only - however, they can make a nice rewarding break from 9 - 5!

Eco-homes and eco-lodges for sale

What to look out for when buying a eco home or eco lodge:

  • Planning permission: If you are buying a new eco-home or lodge kit or build, have you found land to install it on and is there planning permission?

  • New Technologies: Check out any new technologies that you are using, not all have been fully tested and have resulted in leaks, creaks and no heat..

  • Trusted Developers: Even the big names have had faults with designs and components but at least you can claim compensation - is the developer you are purchasing from covered to ensure you are compensated if anything goes wrong?

What to include when selling an eco-home or eco-lodge:

  • Features: Make sure you give a good description of the features present in the build. Does it have solar panels, underfloor heating, ground source heat pumps, rain water conversion systems etc?

  • Awards: If you are an eco home building company/architect/developer what awards have you won?.

  • Cost Saving: Many eco-homes and eco-lodges can save a potential client a lot of money in running costs when compared to conventional property - try and provide a comparison.

  • Photos: Add as many photos as you can to provide as much insight into the eco-home or eco-lodge as possible. Include photos of erection process, interior and exterior.

To list your eco-home or eco-lodge for sale now in our NEW section CLICK HERE


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